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My journey into the world of technology leadership began over 15 years ago when I transitioned from technical roles like sysadmin to programmer. At the time, technology managers often seemed disconnected from the day-to-day technical challenges faced by their teams.

However, I was fortunate to work with a select few who excelled in their roles, making a noticeable difference in our work environment. Their impact sparked my desire to become a manager who truly understood and supported the technical aspects of the job.

My quest for excellence led me to seek help, collaborate with peers and executives, and immerse myself in startup acceleration programs. The culmination of these experiences and insights became my book, "The CTO Field Guide."

This book not only captured my knowledge but also opened doors to a mentoring program driven by a shared vision: to empower technology leaders to excel in their roles.


Mentoring is more than just a support process; it's a transformative journey that helps individuals and organizations evolve during critical transitions. Whether you are an individual stepping into a technology leadership role, a company navigating growth and change, or a team struggling to adapt, our mentoring program is tailored to address your unique challenges.

Our mentoring approach is flexible and adaptive, tackling a combination of issues, from leadership and communication to technical scalability and efficiency. We believe in identifying the root causes of challenges and creating a personalized framework for each mentee. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, but we offer precision and guidance to help you succeed.

- For CTOs, VP of Engineering, Directors of Engineering, Engineering Managers, and Tech Leads seeking help, we focus on scenarios, techniques, and behind-the-scenes strategies. We build a toolbox, conduct technical reviews, and adjust career paths while emphasizing communication and goal-setting skills.

- When companies require assistance with their CTOs, we delve into relationship-building and strategic alignment. We define success criteria and work closely to address scalability, technology, and market challenges, particularly during times of rapid growth or significant investments.

- If a company is looking to prepare its technology leaders for change, we assess profiles and readiness, aligning them with the company's evolving needs. We guide founders, inexperienced CTOs, and technology executives through the challenges of scale and transformation.

In all cases, our primary focus is on achieving mutual benefits for both individuals and organizations. When necessary, we involve HR to ensure that our efforts align with the company's development guidelines.

Why "The CTO Field Guide"?

Our book and mentoring program are aptly named a "field guide" because they are designed to help technology leaders effectively navigate their roles, fostering both personal growth and organizational success. Our objective is to provide practical support, equipping leaders to make informed decisions and drive positive change within their teams and companies.

About Gleicon Moraes

  • LinkedIn
  • Book - The CTO Field Guide
  • Github
  • 25 years of industry experience in Brazil and the USA
  • Mentored more than 30 CTOs and technology leaders through Endeavor programs since 2015
  • Published three books: "Linux Advanced Programming," "DevOps Toolbox," and "The CTO Field Guide"
  • Authored academic articles on information retrieval, image processing, and sentiment analysis
  • Featured as a speaker at OSCon (USA), QCon (BRA), TDC (BRA), Strata Data (USA)
  • Recent professional engagements include roles such as CTO at Arquivei, CTO at Loggi, Vice-President Engineering at Gympass, Vice-President Engineering at Nubank, and Executive Director for Engineering at Lucid LLC.

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